Gobble, gobble

woke up this morning with my neck swollen again, it had pretty much gone down...trying to tell myself it's normal...I have a final fitting today for my dentures, Lord, I can't wait to have teeth again...anyway, I see my Dr the 2nd of Aug. This coming week is my Chicago boys summer visit with Grandmom & Papa, including a 3 day stay at the Breakers at Cedar Point......Nothing is going to dim my joy!! tiny prayer request please


  • phrannie51
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    Sending a "NO DIM" prayer, Grandma!!
    Also know exactly what you're going thru with no teeth. I just got mine back in yesterday after 2 weeks, and felt free.....free to go where I want, talk to who I want, without wanting to wear a sheet over my head. If anything I've certainly been humbled over the no teeth in public scenerio....since there were many places I had to go...no choice, like the bank, deal with the guys who fixed my pump, the Dr.'s and the pharmacy....but I didn't like it one bit.

    You have fun with the kids, my dear....well, I know you will no matter what.

  • katenorwood
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    Enjoy !
    Enjoy your weekend ! The teeth are on there way....I'm with Frannie, trying to figure out a Michael Jackson look for my bad days. Tried the teeth today and I'm slip sliding away again darn it....but soon real soon better days for us all ! Warmest regards, Katie

    Just for everyones info...I'm a Grandmax8 one on the way come Oct., they are all my little loves....am so proud of them all !
  • patricke
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    Hey Grandmax4, when the grandkids are in the house the place is lit and you have nothin but joy all around! Hope you have a ton of fun!

  • CivilMatt
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    nice neck
    Hi Grandmax4,

    Neck swelling, I hear you. I was hoping to avoid the dreaded “turkey neck”. Who knows, maybe we both will avoid it. Glad your swelling is down. Here’s to a perfect fit on the dentures and an enjoyable visit with your Chicago boys.

    Tell me, won’t Phrannie draw a lot of attention and look rather suspicious wearing a sheet over her head; at home I understand but out in public I question.