Evening update

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Hi All

Just thought I would update everyone. Looks like Tuesday will be the big day. It's going to be a long time from now till then..

Still dealing with the increasing pain and nausea. But even that is hopefully going to have a little improvement. The triage nurse upped the pain meds to fast acting liquid morphine and a really strong anti nausea med called zofran. I have had both in the past and they worked well for me. Praying that they work this time.
Hubby just returned from the pharmacy so fingers crossed that I will feel some relief shortly.

I'll try to post updates, can't have you guys worring to much..
Your support is so valuable..



  • Aaron
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    Stay strong Lisha, try to
    Stay strong Lisha, try to have a relaxing weekend with the fam. They will get you fixed up on Tuesday , i feel like such a whimp whining about a port and a few little infusions. Your strength and courage in the face of all you've been through are truly inspirational to me and many others on this board.
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    Hi Lisha
    Hi Lisha,
    Thank you for the update, I really do hope that the medicine works this time and give you some very much needed relief. Really sorry that you are in pain, wish you weren't. Like Aaron said you are such an inspiration to us, you have been through so much that I truly do admire your strength. I will continue to pray for you everyday until you are out of this whole nightmare. Take care and sending you a warm hug from TX.