Complications 4 weeks after laprascopic radical nephrectomy: Still draining, possible infection, fe

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Four weeks ago, I had a laprascopic radical nephrectomy which successfully removed a stage 1 grade four 5 1/2 cm tumor.

The good news is the cancer is out of my system. The bad news is healing from the surgery has not been smooth.

Basically, I continue to drain from a small portion of the 10 cm incision. It did not hurt, and the Dr did not seem concerned.

On Sunday, the pain level increased dramatically. On Monday, I started to get a fever. I called the Surgeon, and went in first thing on tues. He felt around, and said he felt fluid from a hematoma, but no puss. He did not think the fever is related to the wound, and could not say that it is infected. However, he put me on keflex, with instructions to come back in two weeks unless it is better, and if it gets worse to call him.

Since then, the fever has remained (and been as high as 101.5). The other thing is the drainage is now puss. I called the Dr back, but am waiting for his call.

When is it time to see someone else to deal with the infection?


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    Sounds familiar
    I had my own wound with significant swelling a week ago Saturday. Went to the ER on 7/7. Dr at ER did not want to drain wound because no fever. Saw Dr. on 7/9 and had MRI on 7/12. On 7/14 called DRs. office and Dr called back in evening. Wound was black and blue which he called Hemotoma, but since I did not have fever I could wait until yesterday. On Monday Dr. drained wound and also put me on Keflex. And to think I had no problem with my knee before 11 days ago.

    Unfortunately this wound was a lot more swollen than when I had my Nepherectomy on 8.1.02.

    Now that my experience is fresh definately follow up with Dr. or ER ASAP as it sounds like wound is infected.