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I chose the Tram Flap procedure for my surgery since I would get a tummy tuck with the deal. My tummy was flat for about two weeks. Then I herniated on that one side, and it is huge. I can tell where the muscle is fine on one side and gone on the other. I am probably among the few though. I was probably too fat to begin with. It doesn't hurt at all. I checked into possible fixes a few years ago and was told that the only thing they can do is insert mesh. I saw on the internet that it could get entangled in my guts and cause problems later, so I've just dealt with it for ten years. I might want to have it fixed one day though if there is a new way. Please share if anyone knows anything about this.


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    I had similar surgery 4 years ago. I did in fact developed a bulge 4 months after the surgery. I have decided not to fix it at that time. Unfortunately, my cancer has advanced to bones. I am not going to do anything about it.
    My friend Mariam undergone hernia fixing surgery (after TRAM). They put mesh on her tummy. I hope she will answer your questions
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    Did that
    I got the mesh and a hernia about 5 years ago. Though the mesh made me have to eat slightly smaller portions to remain comfortable I have no pain from any of it. Onc said repairing the hernia is major surgery and I am not a candidate unless I am having problems and I am monitored closely. This may have also caused my diverticulosis but I may have just gotten that cause I got old. HAHA when they did the tram and mesh they coiled my colon so the GI doc has to use video gaming skills to do a colonoscopy and a fluoroscope the first time. Over all I consider myself fortunate as this has been the least of my side issues.