Dr. Keith I. Block, Life Over Cancer. Has anyone read this.

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Hi ladies.

I had never heard of the Block Center until last night. Our local library has his book Life Over Cancer. I checked it out this afternoon. It looks very helpful and interesting.

Has anyone read it, or even by chance been to the Block Center?



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    Block Center
    I have not been to the Block Center, but know quite a bit about it and know a woman who went there for her successful treatment of 3 different types of cancer simultaneously.
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    Yes, a Great Book

    I've read Block's book twice, cover to cover (skipping only the recipe section!) and am impressed by several facets of his approach to cancer:

    His insistence that chemo be admnistered more slowl, in smaller doses, based on research showing that small frequent doses of chemo are more effective than one big blast every three weeks--as carboplatin/taxol regimen is still given at most "great treatment centers:;

    His keen attention to blood tests and your individual biochemistry--drawing from results clues to your body's "terrain" for cancer; the goal is to make it as INhospitable as possible;

    His calling attention to monitors of how well we are doing, such as our CRP (reactive protein), signalling inflammation, our level of platelets (suggesting how "sticky" our blood is; the less sticky, the better, to prevent cancer spread), our albumin score, our ferritin level--in short, all kinds of registers that most treatment centers routinely IGNORE. (My own treatment center never even tested for my blood levels of vitamins D and B12--crucial before starting chemo; they should be reasonably high. That means at least 40 to 50 for D and at least 500 for B12. (Liqui-D drops of D can bring levels up pretty quickly; sublingual B12 tablets or an injection can do the same.)

    His attention to dietary factors is also riveting; despite much hullabaloo about the paleo diet, I just saw a blog from him claiming that his center still favors lots of complex carbs such as beans and brown rice.