Can chemo be done at a different hospital than where my oncologist is?

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I live less than 10 mins away from a brand new university medical center that has a state of the art chemo center. My specialist is at a different university hospital that is about an hour and a half drive from me. Do you think it is possible to get my treatments local but still use the original dr? Is that like stepping on the drs toes or anything? I just have no idea what I am in for regarding treatments yet, but the idea of being just a few minutes drive from home sounds great!!


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    Not sure?
    Hi there, just to say I am not absolutely sure about your situation but when my mum was having chemo she had it at our lovely local hospice rather than the city hospital, hope you can get yours sorted so you can have a shorter journey, it makes such a difference!
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    You can have the chemo that your doctor prescribes at another infusion center. My gyn/onc was located in California, but I had the bulk of my chemo at my local cancer center in Colorado.
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    My gyn/onc doctor is 3 hours
    My gyn/onc doctor is 3 hours away. The local hospitals are about 15 mins from me. I had a port in for over 5 years and had been getting it flushed at the local hospital. But then they denied me from getting it flushed. I tried several local hospitals to no avail. If my local PCP was associated with any of those hospitals, I would probably still be able to have it flushed.

    It also depend upon the insurance companies.

    But I think my case was an unusual case. Most places are accommodating for chemo wherein I was only getting a port flush.

    My best to you!

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    I had my systemic chemo at a local center
    The systemic chemo for appendix cancer (Folfox) is a standard colorectal chemo treatment, and you can get it at any center. My local onc worked with my specialist onc, and I was able to be treated at home, rather than travel 180 miles to NYC for treatment.

    My IP chemo had to be done at MSK, because no local centers knew anything about it.

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    I also get my treatments at another location. My insurance covers it completely, whereas I would have a large co-pay at my Drs. office.
    ((((HUGS)))) Maria