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Hi Teal Ladies... I haven't posted in awhile..I was dxed april 11'with 3c ovarian cancer. It took 9 txs to get my ca125 down to 22..started a maintenance chemo in March 12' after a short 2 month chemo break.I started on taxotere and avastin. My ca125 has risen to 342. Anyway onc started me on gemzar and avastin the first of June. I was supposed to take once a week for 2 weeks and then off for two weeks. I have only been able to have one tx. My platelets dropped to 40, then 35, and is now at 45. I have tried everything I have read to try and get the numbers up. I did start on the tahini butter today- 2 tablespoons. I have had wheat grass smoothies, sounds worse than it is, with spinach, blueberries and even raw beets. Hoping the tahini will work. I am also going for a 2nd opinion to M.D.Anderson in Orlando,Fla. on July 19. Has anyone ever been there ? I am getting all my records together, all xrays on discs and paper copies of all labs, dr.notes,etc. That is a huge chore right there. I am excited to go and see what they can tell me. Hoping for something good to come out of all of this mess !!! I really hate this stupid disease !!! I pray every day for all of us.. Good to hear from you Anne... I read a lot of posts and it helps me to stay strong like all of you. I know God has a purpose for all of us !! Please let me know if anyone has any other suggestions... Love to all, Jackie


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    Hi Jackie,
    I battled low

    Hi Jackie,

    I battled low platelets. (they still haven't recovered completely as I'm still on Avastin). Mine once got down to 10 and I had to take a couple of bags. I tried the tahini butter, but it did not work for me. Maybe it will you. I was told that I just have to let them come up on their own.

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    I dont know if this will
    I dont know if this will help you or not but I had low platelets for a long time and tried everything to bring them up and it turned out I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. After I started getting B12 shots my platlets shot right up. If your a vegetarian or have had a bowel resection you could be B12 defecient.