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I had a laproscopic nephrectomy to remove a 5.5cm tumor on my left kidney almost 5 weeks ago. At my first visit, my doctor told me that I was cancer free. He never showed me the pathology report or even discussed it. I was wondering if you all received a copy of your pathology report. I keep reading about the stage/grade of the tumor but I have no idea what mine was. Should I contact my surgeon to ask for my pathology report?



  • Minnesota Girl
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    I am assuming this visit was with your urologist? Yes - you should request a copy or your pathology report. Maybe it sounds morbid, but I started keeping a folder with all of that kind of information. I'm not too familiar with your individual circumstances, but you might also consider just meeting with a kidney cancer oncologist. That way, you'll have a connection with the oncologist, should you ever need him/her. The oncologist could also give you second opinion on what your follow-up plan should look like.
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    Easy question.

    The answer is yes. I expect that it will confirm what the doctor told you.