Mouth Sores

I have mouth sores like a mother. Any suggestions on how to take care of them or get rid of them would help. I am currently taking my Mycelex lozenges and those sometimes work but not lately this is my fourth round of SGn35.


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    mouth sores...
    I didn't get mouth sores with my chemo, but I read an article that suggested doing the following...
    Pain may be relieved with topical oral rinse solutions such as viscous lidocaine. recommends frequent mouth washing with water, moisturizing mouth, keeping teeth clean, and using a soft-bristled toothbrush to combat mouth sores.

    Read more:

    Hope this helps...Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    My treatment center recommended something called "Dr King's Magic Mouthwash." It was reportedly developed by a Dr. King, who had worked for the practice. I think it is an FDA approved solution.

    I do not know where it might be available.

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    Tried Nystatin?
    I was given a bottle of Nystatin during chemo.
    It made a big difference. DW says that in the inside of my mouth looked like a battle field, but it wasn't all that bad as long as used the Nystatin. It is aimed at preventing fungal infections but seemed to provide some general relief in my case.

    The 'magic mouthwash' is a mixture of numbing agents. It completely deadens your mouth. Good - except that you can chew a hole in your cheek or bite your tongue without feeling it. I did not use it because of that.
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    Mouth Sores
    Max is right about Magic Mouthwash, but it was not a brand. Ask your Oncologist about it. It helped a little. Hang in there!
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    Hey Diaz
    Hi Diaz,

    There are many home remedies out there on line as well but you want to read
    them carefully. I had one sore on the tip of my tongue after first treatment.
    I stopped eating anything even slightly acidic during and briefly after treatment
    and never had the issue again. I didn't eat tomatoes, citrus, sauces or dressings
    containing vinegars. They gave me the numbing mouthwash and I used it once and
    didn't particularly like it. It numbed my tongue, cheeks, throat, etc. and I sounded
    stupider than I usually do when I spoke ;).

    I hope it get's better soon.