SGN35 and Hodgkins Lymphoma


Abs, liver and Kidney have shown improvement after 2 lowered doses, after first dose my Belirubin went from 4 times the normal levels to normal. That is why I was on a lowered dose. I some times get fatigued that is comparable to doing legs squats with no weights. Dr when he seems me says I look great. When I go to city of hope they are amazed or dont believe I'm a patient.

Been staying positive, eating , did lose my hair but not my bushy eyebrows


  • cathyp
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    Great news!
    May you have continued success!!!!
  • allmost60
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    cathyp said:

    Great news!
    May you have continued success!!!!

    I too hope you have continued success! Thanks for sharing your good news.
    Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)
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    Hi Diaz
    Hi Diaz,
    Great news!!! Hope it stays like that for a long time! Take care and keep us posted.