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Hello, Just looking for some advise. I have had total thyroid removed due to Hurthle/Follicular cancer in 2007. Followed by I-131. My scan following my tt and radiation showed that I had uptake in my chest area. I have a whole body scan 6 months later and chest x-ray to see if further I-131 treatment was necessary. I was told that the scan was clean. This has been my only clean scan - I had not had another one since May 2008. I have been having my blood work checked (thyrogublin,anti-thyrogobulin and TSH) all checked on synthroid. I have had a lump in the left side of my neck for the last three years. My first endo considered it to be a reactive lymph node due to a series of sinus infections that I had. The lump is still thre three years later, it was last untra sounded in 2009 when it meansure .5cm - I know that this my not be big to some but I am extremely petite. I feel that it has gotten bigger to the touch, it feels soft and is easliy moved around. I am scheduled to go for another ultra sound, should I be doing more about investigating this lump and should I allow it to grow? If anyone has had a similair experience I would love to hear from you. Thanks LS


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    Be pushy
    It may very well be nothing. .5 cm is well in the realm of a normal sized node. Did you have nodes out during surgery and were any positive? Push them for a FNA with tg wash of the needle do your peace of mind. How has your tg been and antibodies on/ off Meds