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Sorry if this reposted, don't know what happened to my other one. I haven't been on group much as not feeling good at all. I have spasm pain in the center of my abdomen, I know I have a tumor there & have been distended since March. I've just completed 3 cycles of carboplatin and had an allergic reaction to cycle 2 & 3 but got through it.

Haven't been feeling good. Last week been vomiting. There is no bowel obstruction because I was in hospital last week & they took an x-ray. But, I'm going for a CT scan hopefully this week, scared of the results.

Has anyone else experienced vomiting after chemo, like weeks later. What have you done for it. I've taken Zofran and Reglan but nothing seems to help.

Getting very, very discouraged. Oh, it was funny, I asked my pcp to do my CA 125 last month. End of Jan it was 15 which didn't make sense, because I knew tumors were growing. Now it went up (end of April to 40). My pcp thought I'd be upset, but I said to him, no I'm not, because this makes sense. I could never figure out how my CA 125 was so low when cancer tumors were growing. I don't know why I had the test done, I guess I was just curious. Anyway, any help you can provide me about the vomiting, and stomach pain will be greatly helped.

Thanks everyone.


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    Dear Antcat
    I am so sorry that you've been experiencing pain and vomiting. I don't have any suggestions but am praying that you find some relief really soon.