Dissapointed at this time

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Hi everybody i really thought today was the day to get this thing going get the mask made and move on with treatment but i drive down there he does his exam and tells me i'm not ready yet there is too much swelling will try again on Tuesday i'm so frustrated at this point its been long enough getting this battle going sorry i just had to vent anybody else feel this way seems likes it takes a while to get started of course having 23 teeth removed didn't help any thank you guys for all the support it really means a lot to me sometimes you just feel so alone.


  • Tim6003
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    Sorry Matt ....
    you had to wait ...but one thing for sure is you are NOT alone :) ...

    We care and we can't wait till you get that first punch in (but in a way you have already)...

    Keep us posted.

  • phrannie51
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    It's a fact that if you read any of our histories here....
    you'd hear each one of us venting about all the "hurry up and wait" that goes with this disease. Visions of it growing while we wait on these Dr.'s to DO SOMETHING. This waiting end is the hardest emotionally...it drove me crazy. But then all of a sudden you're on the fast track, rads everyday....chemo lined out....Your treatment truly is just around the corner...

  • Mikemetz
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    Be cool
    This is all about process, so be patient and let things unfold. Even if you can't see it yet. people around you know what's going on and are on top of things-- so let them do what they are trained to do.

  • Skiffin16
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    Holiday Week-End
    Look at it as the glass half full....you get to enjoy your long Holiday week-end.

    I know that might be hard at the moment, but trust me. A few months down the road from now, if you happen to look back on this post, you'll realize what I'm talking about.

    You'll only wish you could have a three day period free of treatment, just to chill a little.

    I know where you are coming from, many here have been the same. Just wanting to get the show on the road and feel like you're doing something to kill this beast inside you.

    Like mentioned, it's a process, and that process has already started for you...

    My best advise, just try to enjoy the week-end as best you can, enjoy your family and get you mind set on for the next few months.

  • osmotar
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    Hi Matt,
    I know the waiting to get started is nerve racking...but the tech is right...you need a proper fit for the mask, so it's beeter to wait. somewhere mid-treatment with me they did another CT scan to check the fit, based on weight loss especially in the face, luckily mine was still tight, otherwise they would have made a second mask. Take this 3 day weekend to relax, do something fun, then on tuesday get back on that bus.

  • CivilMatt
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    Getting Ready
    Hi Matt,

    Like Skiffin16 (John) said, enjoy this weekend your journey has already started. I too, like you I wanted to start the treatments quickly. Everyone wanted a piece of me, PICC line insert, loading dose, CT scan, dental visit, Colonoscopy, PEG Tube insert. What I ended up with was an unplanned 12 day stay in the hospital with a case of Ileus (lower GI tract went to sleep). That stay in the hospital taught me a lesson in patience. After all, you want to make sure the mask fits, you only want to go through that once. Try to relax, the best you can, do anything that helps occupy your time and keeps you from dwelling on the coming treatments.

    Been there,

  • patricke
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    Hey Matt, I'm sorry about
    Hey Matt, I'm sorry about the postponment, however, it's better to wait until the swelling subsides, and get a precise fit, than to get a mask that doesn't fit well. You don't want your head sliding around when they are zapping you, but you do want them to hit bulls eyes every time. Patience my man, patience; with cancer treatment and recovery one needs boat loads of patience. Now might be a good time for meditation, ketchup, or some other diversions. Hang in there.

  • Hondo
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    Hi Matt
    I know where you are coming from as with me I just wanted it to start and get over with and get that stuff out of me, just remember to do it right will take time. I know it is hard but don’t let it get you down stay positive and focus the swelling will go down and soon your treatment will start. I know for myself I been there a few times, soon it will start and it will be finished and you will be able to look back at it and say Lord thanks you it’s over. Just a little something to help you; ask as many people as you can to keep you in prayer; prayer has a way of giving you the extra strength to keep fighting. I am praying for you my friend and will be looking for the day you post “It is Finish”

    God be with you while in His workshop