Joint Pain from Chemo?

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I am almost 6 months out of treatment and occasionally I feel some pain in my ankles and wrists. Anybody has the same experience? Does it go away or does it get worst?


  • Tim6003
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    Hi Cherriblossom
    Hey....can't help with your ? but I can share what I have and see if anybody can share some more info.....

    I did not have traditional chemo...I had Erbitux and radiation...but I noticed that since my treatments ended when I bend my chin down to touch my neck I get a "tingling" from the lower part of my back down both legs (from the thigh to the knees)...almost like a tiny electrical shock.

    I also noticed when sitting for a lenght of time when I go to stand, my joints that join my legs to my hips really hurt takes me a moment of "limping" and leaning forward a bit before I can stand up ....

    I can say I never had this before radiation and Erbitux! :)

    So, like I said answers from me ...but sharing my expeience my lend to some answers from others on here who know.

    Tim / Idaho
  • francma
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    your joint pain
    When I was 5-6 months post treatment I was diagnosed with bilateral frozen shoulders...very painful. It has taken several months of physical therapy. My forearms and wrist had hurt from being overused because of the upper arms. I had read others at this website with neck and arm pain so I was convinced it was related to the treatments and lack of exercise. It got better but PT and acupuncture did help tremendously. You should definitely have it checked and get a referral. Hope you feel better soon