Loosing Them Twice

Almost six months now since she passed. AS I become numb to each grieving ache it seems another ache appears.

I have begun feeling like I'm loosing her again. As each day / month passes the freshness of the memories are fading. A sense of slow motion watching her disappear .

Guess that's what it feels like when reality sets in. There's no visible fog, but I feel like I'm living in one.



  • catwink22
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    Preserve your memories
    Hi VV,

    I’m not sure what to say that will help you with your sadness, but I am reading if you want an ear. You will always grieve the loss of your wife, but it will change. You may experience anger, guilt or hopelessness next or all of them at once. You are deeply hurt and all of that is part of healing yourself.

    Writing in a journal is a good way to keep your memories alive. I really think writing is so important. Even here on this website, the writing is helpful. It’s painful to go back and relive those times knowing that they’re no longer with you or you can’t make new ones with that special person, but to relive the FEELINGS of the best times can bring you joy even for a moment. When you start to feel like the memories are fading, go back and read what you’ve written and they will come to life again. If you’re not a writer, a photo album would work too, or do both together. We all usually have some sort of yearbook, wedding album, or baby books of our children (or our own), to remember the times that have been.