Free educational conference from PENN medicine

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PENN medicine is conducting a "Focus on Thyroid Cancer" Conference June 8, 2012. You may attend in person or via the WEB. You must register for the conference by June 1 and they are accepting $20 donations but you are not obligated to donate. For more info, go to or call 1-800-789-PENN

Penn has one of the largest throid cancer programs on the East Coast. Their thyroid team is comprised of specialists who are experts and leaders in their fields. They are aware of the most current research about thyroid cancer and experienced in offering the best possible treatment options.

I hope you find this information helpful. I am a one year survivor of Hurthle Cell Carcinoma and lucky enough to live within driving distance of the University of Penn. My husband and I will be viewing the conference via Livestream.


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    good info
    Thanks for the info - I may try to take part online
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    i just seen your post
    I am sorry but i just seen your posts and well, its long over,lol. Is there a way you can tell me if they mentioned any break throughs for life after or new pills or up coming confrences.
    i would really appreciate it, ive been dealing with thyroid since i was 11 and i am 24 now and i am at my last straw with trying to feel well, you know. thank you so much any more info would help.