Back Home and New Puppy is Home

Hi all:

Got back from NC Sunday afternoon. Was a a good trip but rather chilly for a few days; now back in GA and we're having temps close to and low 90s! This is just May 2 I fear the worst heat is yet to come!

Picked up Chargee Monday nite and he is now home with Sammy and me and doing well. Sammy is adjusting but will do fine. He was happy to see me of course when I got in Sunday but not his usual boisterous self when I come in and this was the longest time he'd been by himself since Rowdy passed away so I thought he was just pissed at me until he came back in and I saw his eyes were blood red like he'd been on a 3 day drunk! Well, my friend and dogsitter Carol called me SUnday before I left NC and Sammy had gotten himself closed up in my bedroom and then in my bathroom and I guess he was just frantic as he proceeded to wreak havoc with bath mat and my scrunchies hanging on the doorknob. Now I must tell you I'm as seasonal with my bath scunchies as I am anything else! So the reason for them hanging on doorknob! Well, I just panicked when I saw his eyes having just gone thru the glaucoma thing with Rowdy but it was both eyes. So I called emergency animal clinic and the said to watch him. Well, I thought maybe it was because he was so traumitized by the ordeal and of course was googling "traumitized symptoms for dogs" to no avail. And then when I talked to my sister she asked if he got into any bath stuff which I didn't see any indication of. However the wastebasket was half full of shredded scrunchies and then it hit me - I picked some of the shredded scrunchie up and felt it and of course there was soap residue on it even though they had been rinsed - so I flushed his eyes out with water and having been putting murine drops in them and they are looking much better and my vet said I was a good veternarian and as long as they were clearing up he probably didn't need to see him! So when I left to pick up new puppy and was going to be gone several hours I made sure I put the bathroom scales up against the bathroom door and a basket on the bedroom door so he didn't do that again and of course removed the scunchies! I tell you never a dull moment.

Am now looking for employment as unemployment has run out and I have a year till retirement and ss kicks in. Say a prayer for me that something comes along fairly soon. Don't think I want to go back into teaching unless it's subbing and with all the cuts happening now that's probably not an option anyway.

Did let my father-in-law pick out my tomato plants this year for me and he insisted on sending me home with cow manure and fertilizer for them. While he was telling me how to do this I wondered if he heard Charlie's voice telling him "Daddy let's remember who you're dealing with here, she's got down the miracle grow tomato food and water mixed, let's not make it too technical for her"! I started to tell him that but he had lost his hearing aid two days before and was using a loaner one which isn't that good but better than nothing and that was an adventure in itself as I took him to get fitted for a new one last Thursday, so I just agreed to take the stuff with me he had fixed up. My best friend said, "You're going to transport cowshit over state lines!" I'll let y'all know how it works out this year! Well, that's about all for now and must go see if my name is called on the morning news for Good Day Gas Money Contest. If your name is called you have 10 minutes to call and receive a $100 gas card. Exciting huh? I'm so easily entertained! Take care and hope everyone is doing well. Love y'all and God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)


  • ratface
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    Why do women have these damn things. I have them all over the house as the cat thinks they are his personal toys to toss about and then my daughter will not touch one afterwords. Scrunchies on door knobs and window cranks and wrapped around bathroom bottles of sorts. Other than stepping on a bra strap in the middle of the night, these little devils are taunting me to no end! Glad Sammy is alright.
  • phrannie51
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    Scary puppy story.....
    Course when you said blood red eyes I thought he ate one of the skrunchies and got a blockage....glad it was less of an emergency and could be cured at home. Still laughing about the transport of manure over state
  • Skiffin16
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    Glad the little man is home with his Momma....