One of the BEST Retreats!

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This Retreat was one of (If not) the best Retreats I've been to as far as what I got out of it.

It didn't start all that great though. Somehow I didn't get notified that the inipi (sweat lodge) had to be canceled so I was there at 8:30 for it - Retreat starts at 12. So I drove to Bear Butte (Lakota Spiritual area) to be by myself remembering our Sisters and prepare for the weekend. It's about 2 miles from Ft. Meade.

For those who don't know of these Retreats - they are at Ft. Meade VA, South Dakota. It is through PCT and there is emphasis on PTSD. It is for women Veterans and women collaterals (wives/SO/mothers/sisters/duaghters/etc.) of PTSD Veterans. There are many tears but there are also many laughs - it's all up to you what you do/don't make of it. It is totally free to the participants (lodging and meals included) bu tit is your responsibility to get yourself there. Tax money does NOT fund it and all the Staff (all are MH professionals) contribute their time. A generous grant from DAV and other private contributations pay for it. The next one will be sometime in Oct but date not set yet.

I'll share something that happened as it happened to me so not breaking confidentiality (and I think it's sort of funny). There are 2 wings to the BOQ and all the past Retreats only one wing has been used. Well this time 2 of us got put in the other wing. After breakfast, I went back to my room. Spent more time than I thought and when I went down to get the van over they were all gone so I started walking ( about 1/4 mile). Well along came one of the vans looking for me so I stood on the road thumbing like a hitchhiker. Of course she picked me up. Someone from my quad-dad (4 who are to keep track of each other) went to the first wing and looked on the white board to see what room I was in (of course my name wasn't there) and went back and sais I wasn't there instead of saying she couldn't find my name so off they went thinking I had already walked. I was feeling silly so when I got in the van I sang the little song "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me - I'm gonna eat some worms". We get to the group and she told everybody I had a song to sing so I had to sing it. But I 'got back' at her a bit later saying that = wanted to file a report on her for picking up a strange hitchhiker (me) and bringing them to the Retreat. This may not make sense when written - one of those things that are only funny when they happen so if it doesn't make sense/funny to you I'm sorry but it was funny when it happened.

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    Glad it was a great retreat!
    I have been known to trot that song out now and again, usually gets a few laughs and normally somebody sings along.

    So happy it was a good retreat!