Cancer of the cervical esophagus

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Does anyone have any information about this subject? My husband has been diagnosed with cancer of the cervical esophagus after undergoing treatment for laryngeal cancer and being free of any signs of cancer for the last year.

We have consults with a radiologist and medical oncologist on Friday at Emory Winship Cancer Center. We saw our primary oncologist this past week (the one who did the chemo treatments for the laryngeal cancer) and apparently he is disagreeing with what our surgeon told us. He says he wouldn't do chemo but radiation since the tumor is small and is a second primary. He says that the surgeon who did the surgery at Emory and is following up on the laryngeal cancer is wrong about radiation and chemo. It seems like the only thing he agreed with the surgeon about was the complicated surgery for this type of cancer due to location and the previous radiation treatments.

Any information would be very beneficial to us.

Thank you. Sharon


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    My husband had ec

    My husband had ec surgury at Emory in 2009. It recurred in 2010 and he passed away last year.
    I have issues with Emory so if you want to talk please call me at 706-897-4056.
    I live in Blairsville. Where do you live?