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    Maura Gillison
    This woman is my knight in shining armor! Great read! Thanks for sharing.

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    Very good read....
    Thank you for finding it (I'm not good at finding this kind of stuff)...

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    Great article
    Wow.. My dad was diagnosed aug 8, 2011 with tonsil and lymph stage 4a hpv positive.
    I did a ton of research from day One about it. Halfway thru treatment the outside of his
    neck was soooo burnt we had to stop for almost ten days to try to recover the skin
    (it was burnt, blistered and oozing) they did not treat it just waited until they re-started
    Treatment. My point is I had said to myself back then if the outside of his neck looks
    like this what could the inside of his throat look and feel like? And I did question the drs.
    If you saw such a response from the therapy wouldn't you lessen it (with the hpv positive
    Factor). The drs response u want to chance it? No . but it was tough to see.
    I hope and pray they research this and find a lesser tmt course.
    We Finished chemo and rad on 10-24-11 and are currently waiting for room in the o.r at Beth Israel hosp
    To have a throat dilitation to try to eat. Still totally depend on tube. sooo frustrating.
    Our scans and scopes have been all clean..thanks to god.
    Now just to eat!
    Thanks for the article it was good to read