On the Road Again

Hi all:

Thought I'd drop in before I take off for NC in the morning. I promised my mother-in-law I'd try to get in and spend a week with them before I have try to go back to work somewhere! Don't think I want to teach again except for substituting and I really just have to work for about a year till Charlie's SS and my retirement kicks in. But I have been truly blessed to be off for almost 2 years as I did need it what with everything that happened with Charlie, my brother etc. Great news on my nephew; saw him last weekend while in Chatt. and I think I told y'all they thought his right leg might need more surgery as it wasn't healing like they wanted it to. Well, after much prayer and some other treatments it is finally healing and they want him in regular shoes and started on the parallel bars to learn to walk again. Praise the Lord! He looks great and I told him about the new puppy and I'm going to be able to take Chargee Boy to the nursing home/rehab and visit with Brian. They said that was fine as long as they were under control. Sammy and I have been puppy shopping getting ready for the new arrival. I even have bought a doggy stroller! I wasn't going to but tried it out at the pet store with Sammy as he can get kinda of stubborn when we walk in the park as he doesn't like anybody behind us and sometimes wants to stop and I got the idea when i saw somebody else at the park with a stroller for their dog. This is a nice one and I will be able to put the new baby in it too and therefore receive a little more exercise when I'm walking. So I look at it as an investment!

Thanks for the prayers and continued prayers for my nephew Brian. Oh, and please keep my sister June and her friends in your prayers. They lost a longtime friend in a house fire this week and the sad thing about it is she was a "collector" or as the fire chief said and he hated to use the word hoarder, but the fireman were prevented from getting to her as soon as they would have like to because their was so much stuff in her house and when they first tried to get in they couldn't because the door was blocked with boxes. Such a tragedy. They did revive her twice but she died at the hospital but she wasn't burned; it was smoke inhalation. It's been such a shock as she was on of my sister's friends that really supported my sister's granddaughter in her plays and went to see her all the time and as a matter of fact I had just seen her last Sat. nite as I had gone up to see my great niece in a production. Such a tragedy that could have been prevented. Anyway, I must run and get started on my day to get ready to leave. Love y'all and God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)


  • Hondo
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    Hi Jan
    It is good to see you doing so well and continuing to be a supporter to so many others. I am glad to hear that Brian is doing so well after all he has been through, and yes prayer still works for those who believe. I was sad to hear about your sister’s friend who died in the fire. We can never understand why these things happen but they do. Take care in your travels be safe and God bless and be with you my friend.

    Tim Hondo