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Hello All!

My husband, Bob (66 years old), was diagnosed in September with GBMIV. Had surgery to remove the tumor from his left temporal lobe. Nobody could believe Bob was sick, except for the shaved head and bandage on the side of his head.
He began his six week course of radiation and Temodar. He continued to feel pretty good for the first 3 weeks. He would go play golf afterwards, go on hikes, and walk the dogs. He was just a spectacle of good health.
On the 4th week, Bob started feeling more run down, got a bad taste in his mouth (which he still has) and feeling a bit achy. He started taking more naps than usual. When he was done with his course of radiation, he was tired, but still fought back with his positive attitude and love of life. He continued with his favorite projects and we went on lots of day trips.
Bob is about to begin his 4th round of Temodar. He is close to his 7 month mark from the time of his diagnosis. He is a happier man, more graciuos. He wants to be with family all the time. He continues with his projects.
However, he is more tired and starting to be more forgetful. He sometimes has trouble getting out words. He feels cool to the touch, which concerns me and I will bring up with our oncologist next week. He is also scheduled for his bi-monthly MRI and I pray that it will be clear once again.
I would love to hear from others about their journey with GBMIV, especially the caregivers.
Thank you and Blessings.


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    Hello Sus
    My husband has an

    Hello Sus

    My husband has an anaplastic oliodendroglioma stage 3, complete resection in July 2010. The initial treatment. Is basically the same as gbm so my husband went through the six weeks of radiation and the chemo and then off chemo for one month then started back on the chemo for one year. He was really tired during those six weeks but he pushed himself to stay up and do things with the family. He told me he felt he could sleep all day but he just dicided he needed to get up and do things or it would get the best of him. He is now working full time and doing well. He is still very tired at times but pushes himself to go on. His appetite is not the same as it use to be and his outlook on life is defiantly more positive. Other than the scar, you would not know my husband has any issuses if you didn't know him. I have good days and bad days coping. I am a strong believer in God but I am human. I get scared. I cry, but never in front of my husband or my family. The people here are good people. They are very supportive and pass along very good information. I wish you blessings and will be praying for you and your husband.