Very Painful cysts

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I need a little input, if I could. I am a 46 yr old, 1 year survivor of BC. Modified radical mastectomy with lymph node involvement. I am currently taking Tamoxofin. My Left breast has several cysts in them 2 being quite large and painful. I have had mommos ultrasounds and biopsies, they located some calicifations that turned out to be benign.

That said, should I worry about the cycst or just have them asperated and be done with it?

I am currently uninsured b/c my husband lost his job at the end of last year mostly b/c he had to take an FMLA with me - yeah, they are ****. He is working again but we won't be eligible for insurance for 2 more months IF I can even get coverage after already having cancer.

I've gotten to the point where they are seriously bothering me. Also b/c of the Chemo I am in full menopause, haven't had a period since, knock wood :)

any thoughts would be appreciated - I just can't drop everything and run to Nashville when I may not have a health threatening problem.


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    Welcome to the board
    Sorry tha you are having pain and I hope it will be resolved shortly.
    I was diagnosed at the age of 46 four years ago. I also had lymph node involvement, 10 positive, including one with tumor size more than 1 centimeters .
    I also was on Cobra as I was laid off during radiation treatment. I also did go on my husband insurance later. I do not have advice about cysts, however I think if they are painful they should be taken care of. As a spouse of employee you should be eligible for coverage dispute your pre-existing conditions. Make sure you will answer all questions from insurance company honestly. I did get on my husbands plan, even I indicated that I have had cancer.

    Good luck to you and let us know what you have decided to do.
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    i would say get 2nd opinon
    i would say get 2nd opinon but without coverage I KNOW you can' about cancer ctr ? explain to them see if any funds for uninsured?


    even check with Social service!

    NOT MUCH help to you I know..