Alternative therapy - Hemp oil?

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My dad, who is just 50 years old has been recently diagnosed with non-small lung cancer that has spread to the brain. He is now going through whole brain radiation to shrink the 2 tumors in his brain but I can't help but worry about the lung cancer spreading to other parts of his body during this time...

He went in for an hour yesterday and he has 10 more sessions of 15-mins each. I have been doing everything to do research on cancer-fighting foods and alternative therapies (that are used in addition not in replacement of medical treatment he is receiving). He is very positive and upbeat about beating this, which is a great sign. I do my best to keep my worries to myself and let my tears flow only in private and never around him....

I've come across what is called "phoenix tears" or what is typically known as hemp oil, made from cannabis. I've read and seen some testimonials from people who have tried it (one video can be found here- ) It apparently reduces the growth of tumors and cancer cells, and in some cases helps get rid of the cancer itself. We have decided to try it, seeing that there are no side-effects. Also, one of the doctors at the hospital he receives his treatment in is supposedly in support of this as well. We are from Niagara Falls, Canada. Now I know this is a controversial topic as cannabis is an illegal substance in Canada and many state in the US, but we are looking to get him a medicinal card for this use.

I do not want to give up on my dad. The statistics I read online make my mind go blank - I can't breath, think or move knowing that my father has less than a 6% chance of survival.... I am only 23 years old and my brother is 16, my mother is devastated and is going through depression herself...

The doctors have not given us an "expiration" date per se, but I know his condition is very serious as it has spread to his brain. So i'm wondering, has anyone heard, tried or used any sort of this treatment or anything similar? If so, what were the results? Any insight you give is very very appreciated.


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    Hemp oil
    sorry for my English is very bad. Hemp oil would help a lot like your father, even more, could reach a cure. If you think there is hope for the traditional medicine did not hesitate a second! Best wishes to your father.
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    So sorry for the
    So sorry for the circumstances that bring you here but I am glad you found this site. First, I would like to ask you to forget the survival rates you read about , they are based on out-dated data. There is a blogger on the website who has survived for more than ten years after having brain mets. His name is stage4survivor. Keep the faith and let us know what happens.