My dad and best friend

Its been 2months since I lost my dad. He had lung and brain cancer which spread to the heart. We found out 2 weeks before he died of the lung and brain tumour. He was going to have chemo and radiotherapy on the brain. 2 weeks later he was sick, took him to hospital and he was finding it hard to breath. 8hrs later he died of cardiac arrest. He had symptoms for one day which is a blessing. Outcome multi-organ failure due to cancer of the heart. We took him to hospital on a Sunday and we couldn't find a doctor, only a nurse. It breaks my heart knowing my dad didn't feel safe in a hospital. I'll always remember his last words which were "take me home they don't know what there doing" The Dr said to us he wasn't his first priority. I feel so much anger for the dr on duty that day. no-one knew what was wrong with him. I do wonder if he was given morphine would he of slipped away and not suffered as much. It was so hard seeing my dad suffer like that. The dr said he couldn't breath and then he went into cardiac arrest but I found out later from another doctor that he would of been able to breath and that we would of stopped breathing after he went into cardiac arrest. I just want to know that it was quick and peaceful. He should of been in ICU, not the oncology ward. I'm glad he didn't know he was going to die. He was only 67.


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    Thinking of You and Sending Hugs
    Hi Angel
    I am so sorry to read of you and your dad's story. I was a caregiver for my dad. He passed in March 2010 from esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. You did the best you could. Do not feel guilty. You were your dad's Angel. And now he is yours, as he watches over you from heaven. We will see our dad's again. Have faith. Keep in touch. Come here often, it helps.
    Tina in Va