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Yay!! I'm so glad to finally be at the stage of writing about hair growth. It seems, as you all know, that we wait forever for our hair to start growing back. Well that's what I've done. Could not wait for the 4-6 weeks after chemo for the growth to begin. I guess that was a healthy way to view it, one step at a time. But, now I find myself frustrated, impatient and disappointed that after 2 months of growth time, 3 months after chemo, I have a little over 1 inch of hair. I won't even go into the fact that it's pretty gray and I've heard there's a great possibility that it will come in curly and unruly.
My questions to those of you who've gone before me are: When did you have enough hair to take off the blasted scarf? And how much hair was that? Did all of you get curly, unruly hair?
Summer is coming up and I live in the very hot desert. Not looking forward to that scarf. My kids, 12 and 8 are not comfortable with my not having hair, so even at home I have to wear it. Help!! :) thx


  • Penny67
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    My hair was slow growing...
    I finished chemo December 14, 2011. I took off my wig mid March and went to the salon and had the salt and pepper look replaced with a chocolate brown. I had enough hair to pull off a very trendy, piecey short cut. I would say that my hair was not quite an inch long. I will say that I have always had very slow growing hair and that aspect does not seem to have changed. My hair is not unruly, has a slight wave-more body and thicker than it was before but still very soft. The only thing I don't like is that it came back in salt and pepper and I was blonde before. I have received many compliments on my new short cut and it is soooo easy that I am thinking of staying short!

    One thing that I started doing was taking pictures of my hair each week so I could see that it truly was growing and then I started to really see the progress. Looking back on everything I realize that it sure was a long haul and I'm glad to be done with all that. I'm having my port removed today and can't wait to get that out! Good luck with your hair!
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    I noticed a slight fuzz on my bald head a couple of weeks before the end of chemo April 2010. No surprise it came in white since I was 77 at that time. I went thru the hot Houston summer without a scarf, but still forced a wig onto the sweating scalp for "special" occasions. My hair came in shiny silver, soft curls all over. The nurses called this my chemo curls. It grew lopsided, much more on the right and in fall 2010 I had my first haircut to equal out the sides. Jump into the shower, wash, rinse, ready to go. It eventually straightened, much to my dismay. I decided to jump on the longer hair bandwaggon and will let it grow shoulder length with a snazzy modern do. Lots of agonizing if I should put color on it - husband, step-family and hairdressers are against it, friends divided on this weighty issue. Worrying about our hair means - we have come a long, long way.
    Hugs, Margeaux