Happy Easter.

From myself and my Family we would like to wish everyone
A Happy Easter.
Take time out this weekend to thank the Man upstairs
For getting us through this, and giving us light at the end of the tunnel.

And pigging out on a few Easter eggs won't hurt either. (If I coud taste them)

God Bless,
Tonsi Dad.



  • Hondo
    Hondo Member Posts: 6,636 Member
    Hi Tonsi Dad
    Same to you and your faimly.

    God bless and keep you.
  • pattyanny
    pattyanny Member Posts: 544
    Happy Easter!
    Glad to be celebrating another Easter - and another birthday in 2 weeks! Hooray! Wishing you and my Hondo a happy holiday, and please know you are all in my prayers! Awaiting the Easter Bunny very impatiently -Mmmmmmm- Chocolate! Enjoy & God bless you!
  • phrannie51
    phrannie51 Member Posts: 4,716
    Merry Easter back at you....
    I was just thinking about Easter eggs...hope the kids next door did some up :)...I'm hungry for a colored egg.

    Hope everyone has a great day...with family and friends.