Should I Have My Ovaries Removed?

My Dr. Is performing a radical hysterectomy for a rare form of cervical cancer ( glassy cell) and has left it up to me as to wether or not I Wang to have my ovaries removed. I am 35 and am done having children. Any tips, experiences or advise would help.


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    Hi Kelsey,
    I think I've seen

    Hi Kelsey,
    I think I've seen u over at hystersisters. Hope you are doing well. The decision about your ovaries should be made dependent on the stage of your cancer. Glassy cell is know to be rather aggressive but if it is only micro invasive and has not spread outside of the cervix then it would probably be in your best interest to keep your ovaries, or at least one of them so you won't need HRT. that way you are spared the cardiovascular and bone issue menopause can bring about, especially since you are so young. Have you had a PET/CT or MRI yet? Do you know the stage of your cancer? These things will help you make a decision, as well as a good heart to heart with your gyn/onc.