Yucky Mucus thing??

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So...I'm just over a year out from Treatment for AC Stage3. Shortly after healing from radiation burns I noticed an almost constant damp drainage from the vaginal area (I think) and so always wear a pad. I also have that occasional mucus drainage that I believe we refer to as "whale snot". Its funny, this is probably something our docs never see and think, yeah ok....I also have a colostomy bag, so there is a buildup of mucus in the unused section below the colostomy that just works its way out every so often. But I'll get to my question...Almost 2wks ago I had a double mastectomy for a newly diagnosed breast cancer (I know, I'm just blessed) anyhow, since that surgery I seem to have much more of this combined drainage from one or both areas and was so pre-occupied with other questions at my appointment yesterday that I forgot to ask about it. Could, this just be due to my recent surgery and my body going through some adjusting???? Any ideas, I'd love to hear. As always, praying for us all!


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    I don't have a clue... I
    I don't have a clue... I still have mucus from my butt, and when I tell the doc, he acts as though it is normal. I am sorry to hear about your latest diagnosis. Write your ?'s down for the doc for your next appt... or better yet, give the doc a call.. Keep the notepad with you to write down the answers. Good luck. Keep us posted. God bless.