Has anyone had to wear compression stockings due to edema with your cancer

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I recently was told by my dr. that I needed to wear thigh high compression stockings. Not sure what is the best type. Has anyone had to buy them and wear them and if so, what name did you purchase & how did they work. Thanks.


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    compression stockings
    I have had some trouble with mild edema in one leg. I have used compression stockings, both thigh high and knee high. I found that the thigh high ones fall down really easily, so personally, I wouldn't recommend them. The knee high ones don't fall down, but tend to want to roll at the top and therefore get super tight right at the top.

    I prefer the knee high toeless ones. You should ask what compression strength you should get. In general, I would stay away from the super tight (high compression) ones and go for a level of 20-30 mmHg or less. The high compression ones are tough to get on and tend to hurt at the top of the stocking because of the rolling at the edge.

    What I really wanted to tell you is that I recently got an ottoman and keep my legs elevated whenever I'm just sitting around the house. It really helped. I now have much less trouble with edema in the lower leg.
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    I wore TED compression stockings for months due to edema. I ordered mine from Amazon, but you might be able to find them at a drug store or medical supply store. They come in amazingly flattering colors, like white and beige. :)
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    Compression Hose
    I have moderate post surgical/radiation lymphedema in my right leg. Have worn thigh high compression hose for over 1 year. I was initially assessed by a lymphedema specialist and fitted for a stocking and for compression bandages to keep the edema under control. I wear the stocking all day and the compression bandages in the evening and in bed at nite. Once fitted I've purchased my stockings online from Compressionsale.com I am 5ft4 and purchase the open toed Mediven Plus 20-30mmHg silcone top band stockings. If you put in the Code save 10 you can save 10 percent on the cost. They run about 83 dollars/ pair and should be replaced every 6 months. They should not be dried in the dryer. You put them on inside out so the band clings to your skin. I have had no problems with them falling own. You should not sleep in them at nite. Feel free to contact me if you want further information. I actually find them quite comfortable and not as hot as I thought they would be.