is it back??

I cmpltd my treatment for hodgkins lymphoma around 6mnths back...done wid my pet scan after all my cycles n was clear frm all disabilities...dint get da nw I feel a node in my neck der any possiblility dat its back...m really tensed dnt wanna go thru all dose things 1ce again :(


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    Is it back?
    I was told from day one after being diagnosed that there will always be the possibility of my cancer coming back. I have Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA. My tumors were located in my groin, abdomen and neck before chemo treatment was started in August of 2010...tumors have shrunk since chemo(CVP-R) was completed in Dec of 2010, and I'm considered stable at the present time. Mine is an indolent..(slow growing non aggressive) cancer, but has a high probability of recurrance at sometime down the road. In my case, a CT scan once a year, with bi-monthly lab work and doctors exam will be done to keep tabs on what my cancer is, or is not doing. Without knowing your complete diagnosis, I would not attempt to suggest whats going on, but.... if it was me in your shoes, I'd be getting in to my Onc as soon as possible to get the lump checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. Let us know what you find out and I'll be thinking good positive thoughts that the lump is just swollen and not cancerous. Best wishes and welcome to our group....this is a "great" place for support and helpful information. Take care... Sue (age 61)