After 2 months something else discovered

In January I had a partial Nephrectomy, and it was discovered I had stage 1, grade 2 chromophobe cancer. All margins were negative, and I started to believe I would be done with this until 6 months from now. I have been having pain and swelling in my neck and my pcp advised it would be best get an ultrasound. I went last Friday and they did an ultrasound of the side of my neck and also my thyroid. I am supposed to go this Friday for my Dr. to explain my results, but because of the fact that the last time I had an ultrasound, i was told i have cancer, I went yesterday and picked up my results early. I was hoping they would be negative, but they showed Nodules on my thyroid, a couple of words I don't understand, and something about the size of Lymph nodes. Has anyone had, or known anyone that had issues in there thyroid or lymph nodes after kidney cancer?


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    I have Thyroid disease but
    I have Thyroid disease but that was discovered before my Tumor and I do not think they are related. The Thyroid is a crazy important thing so def check into what is wrong don't wait!