Hello again. It's been almost 2 months since my surgery for squamous cell vulvar cancer. I AM DOING GREAT!! I had my entire right inner labia removed and both sides (on the outside) of my vaginal area were fixed using the wide local excision. Yep, it sucked. And yep, it hurt. But here I am 2 months later!! I wouldn't have been so sure of my diagnosis and my surgery and my recovery if it hadn't been for this site and the wonderful support I got from everyone! My vaginal area is not completely disfigured like I thought it would be. Although, with the purple stitches and all, my husband and I nicknamed it Frankenpu**y! (Don't want to offend anyone!!) All is returning to normal (yes, even sex!!) and I thank you all! XO Carol


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    This is a great support network. My wifes surgery was very similar to yours. She recovered well from surgery. Almost back to normal as far as intimacy other than the dame from radiation.
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    Carolkelley you made me laugh!

    How are you doing?