Suggestions for inability to tolerate "metallic" taste?

My husband just finished his third week of radiation for cancer at the base of his tongue. He has a very very low pain threshold and has been in pain for two years. MRI in Dec. finally detected the cancer and so he's on the tough part of treatment now. I'm trying anything I can think of to get him to eat. He's getting nauseous now, seems to be producing (and swallowing) lots of mucus and it upsets his stomach. Add to that his taste is completely kaput now, he tries and rejects everything after one taste now. Any suggestions for helping him out there?


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    Metallic Taste
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I got the metallic taste also duduring treartment; beef left a nasty taste, I couldn't eat any thing that came from a can, I switched to plastic utensils as my silverware left a metallic tast.Even though I couldn't taste a lot of things I still ate to keep up my strength plus the fact that my rad doc told me I would have to to get a peg tube if I lost too much weight. There are people here who didn't have that choice and had to get a PEG and will tell you it was their only source of calories. As hard as it seems now tell your husband that it is tough but it's doable, keep him hydrated , supplement dolid foods with supplements like boost , ensure, super soft foods. Call his docs about the mucus there are things they can perscribe or suggest.

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    If he can swallow
    he can get the calories down. Here's what I'm doing. I have not been able to chew solid foods for about2 months now. Finished my radiationa week ago, mouth has just been too sore. I can swallow, however. I have only a bit of taste left, so in this regard i'm pretty much like he is.

    I target my days at 2700 calories now. If not, I lose weight. To get those, I start my day at 6AM. I take 350 cal of ensure, and add to that in the blender, yogurt, ice cream, butterscotch pudding, bananas, peaches, peanut butter, honey, whatever adds calories, a little fiber, to make about 700 calories. That is about 16 ounces. Then I power it down. I can drink the stuff in about 1 minute, and it is done. I repeat this 4 times a day, and I have my caloric requirements under control.

    My hope is that I'll be able to eat solid food again. If not, I've got a formula that works to keep my weight up and my health protected. This may be the best he can do. Now if he can't swallow, that's a whole different problem. That gets us to the discussion of a PEG tube.

    Best to both of you.