Gatoraid's liver surgery update

Hello everyone. I know many of you know that my brother Jim, aka Gatoraid, had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor from his liver. A year after his esophageal surgery, they found the liver tumor.

Last Friday during his pre-op consult with the pre-op nurse, she decided after looking at his most recent EKG that the stress test that the Cardiologist said was unnecessary just days before, was now the determining factor whether they would proceed with the surgery or not. I understand the need to be sure his heart was able to handle the stress of a major surgery, but I'm not to crazy about a nurse planting a seed of doubt in him without first speaking with the specialist. When a doctor told him days before that there was a 100% chance he would not live a year without this surgery, and then to have a nurse put the surgery in doubt like that was inexcusable, and irresponsible to say the least.

The surgery began around 9:30 am and took a little over 5 hours. They had planned on Laparoscopic but decided a traditional surgery was necessary. He did very well and the surgeon said there were no visible tumors, or evidence of other tumors anywhere. They removed the tumor and the surrounding tissue in section 7 of the liver and I think the gallbladder also. Now, it will be a few days before he is in the clear. My understanding is most people that don't make it through this type of surgery is due to infection or other complications in the days post surgery.

So keep those fingers crossed, the candles burning, and keep him in your prayers, it ain't quite over yet, but it really looks good for him at this point. I will update this tonight after I hear.

God Bless you all and thank you for your support and your prayers.



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    Thanks for the update!!!

    Thanks for the update on Jim. I am glad he came through the surgery, and happy that they did not see anything that would indicate additional metastasis. We will be praying for that Jim makes a complete and rapid recovery.

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    Thanks for the update

    So glad to hear the surgery was able to take place, sorry for the stress to get there! We will be praying for a full recovery.

    Lee Ann