Stomach pain when I eat

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My name is Marian and I was diagnosed with SPMZL 2 years ago. I had a 9 pound spleen removed ,so I named it Steven cause is was bigger than either of my children at birth. I'am 58 and have been in watch and wait since. I was wondering if anyone has had portal thrombosis after thier spleen was removed. They took me off the kumidin and since then I have been experiencing stomach pain after eating very small ammounts.

I'am loosing weight and can't eat because of the pain. After coutless tests the doctors have come up with nothing.


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    Hi Marian
    Hi Marian,
    I just wanted to welcome you to the board, in Aug 2011 I was diagnosed with SMZL stage 4, with tumor in spleen and liver also with bone marrow involvement. I just started Rituxan treatment so I'm sort of new to the whole thing myself. I did have venous thrombosis about 8 yrs. ago but I don't remember the name of the medicine they gave me. Where you getting kumidin for something like that? I was also wondering what treatment did you have? I'm sorry that the Dr's haven't given you any straight answers. Hopefully you'll get them soon. Take care of yourself and let us know how everything went.

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    Hi Marian,
    I have Follicular NHL so I can't help much with your questions, but wanted to welcome you to the group. However I did laugh when you said you named your tumor Steven...thats my husbands name. Maybe you need to get a second opinion and a new team to work with your cancer? I always find it very disturbing when I hear someone say that their doctors can't figure out whats happening even after countless tests have been done. That just sounds so very scary to me, and I immediately think to myself that if it was me, I would be doctor shopping like crazy! Please share back with us how things go with you. I'll keep you in my prayers. Best wishes...Sue
    (Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010 age 62).