got a tonsillectomy to test why my right tonsil and lymph node was swollen only on one side...waitin

he found nothing that would raise of any concern. but he did see white little bumps or pus on my lymph node. he checked in my nasal and throat and that's all he told my husband. (i was knocked out from the anesthesia and when i woke up the doctor already left) he did tell my husband he still sent in the samples for testings. i'm scared and worried out of my mind. i'm 31 years old with 4 kids. just wondering for people who has cancer in the tonsil, lymph node or throat...would he have seen a tumor right away if it was cancer? could this be just an infection? or is there still a chance just because he saw nothing to concern him except my swollen right tonsil, right lymph node and little bumps and pus on my lymph node..that there still might be more than just an infection? just looking for answers. anything. honest opinions and insights would be greatly appreciated. oh and i really have no other symptoms other then my swollen right lymph node, swollen right tonsil. i do feel very tired and exhausted all the time but i do have a 15 month old baby and young children. my tonsillectomy is healing fast...just waiting on those results. =/ thank you very much in advance for any response.


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    I have answered your question on the previous
    post down below. I understand your anxiety, but you will have to ride out the anxiety until the report comes in. The ONLY common cause of this tonsil being enlarged and **** is infection. You are on a cancer board, so of course, almost all of us have cancer. That will skew your responses from us considerably.

    A surgical speciman is ALWAYS sent to pathology the moment it is removed. It is on its way to the lab before you are even in the recovery room. That routine and normal, signifying nothing. The report is available generally by the next day. Not a preliminary report, but a final report, in type-written legible english. The pathology on the speciman is a matter of routine. All surgical specimens are tested, that way there are no mistakes made.

    Best advice. If worry like this driving you nuts, distract yourself, take a jog, move up the appointment, call for the report, whatever it takes. But your odds of a cancer diagnosis are low. Your problem is simply waiting out the situation.

    Best wishes to you.

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    Normal to Be Scared
    Hope you can distract yourself. Good, though, that the doc found "nothing that would raise any concern". There's always the chance that it could be "something more", but is more often not. As for symptoms, many of us here had no "real" symptoms. I had a mild sore throat - attributed it to sinus drainage irritation - and this was at stage four. Hope you don't have to wait long for confirmation that you've nothing to worry about.