New chapter begins tomorrow

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Mom's first internal Radiation Boost is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I will tell her tomorrow when she wakes up. I know she's fretting about it, and if I tell her tonight, she won't sleep a wink. This will be the first of four treatments to rid her of the remaining 2cm of tumor in her esophagus.

Good News...

The Home Health Nurse received permission from the Oncologist to take care of mom's PICC line port flush AND she can draw the labs too! This means a 2.5 hour trip is eliminated from me! I wish I had know about the home nursing back since Jan 6th when chemo and daily rads were eliminated! I'm not complaining though - I'm glad to have her now!

I will report on the Radiation Boost and let everyone know how it goes. Thursday is the CT/PET scan. Hoping for a perfect beautiful test! And even better results!

How long before we get the CT/PET scan results? I'm very impatient!

So now I'll hold my breath until after mom's treatment!


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    Hope all goes well!

    Hope all goes well!
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    Best wishes
    for tomorrow, hoping all goes well, keep your chin up will be thinking of you both.
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    CT/PET's are digital
    You should be able to get results fairly quickly for both. Digital means that everything is available pretty quick. Just a matter of getting a radiologist's opinion and passing that to the doc.

    It will be 5 days for Nick between the next CT and the Oncology appointment to get results. I'm sure it could be sooner, but the Onc only comes to town once a week, and there is a weekend in the middle.

    Hope this helps! Praying for good results for your mom :)

    Love & Hugs,