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My husband finished treatment in Oct for throat cancer. In January he was given the NEC. However, he is still on a feeding tube. They did a swallow study and determined that the swelling was such that it would probably be at least 3 months before he could swallow. He chokes almost every time he even has liquids. Has anyone else had this problem? It just seems so long to wait.


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    Hi Golaine
    It is a very common problem. A number of posters on this board have had this, or are working on it right now. Good for the NED, this other will take however long to work itself out. Do they have have him doing any particular exercises now? This is where its really nice to have the PEG, as it takes the pressure off. I'm sure others will come along and tell you their stories.

    Best to you.

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    This is a very common problem. when i did mine i had the same problem but did not have feeding tube or a swallow study. all they told me to do was give it time and ya know 6-7 months later it did get better.

    keep in mind there is alot of damage from radiation and chemo. i was told having radiation slows the healing rate down to taking 7 times longer than the non radiated person.

    hope it does not last long.