Questions for Dan's O Doc........ need your help

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Dan's appointment tomorrow: Pet/CT results. I have made a list of questions to ask the O. Doc. His endocopy ultra sound.. no evidence of Tumor just alot of scar tissue. Dan beleives that a complete response CURED. I want to ask the right quesitons, I want Dan to make HIS own decsion but an informed one. You cannot make a decission without all of the info. Please add any questions or re-word. Thanks sorry if this is convoluted, I am always in such a mad rush. Your help or input....much appreciated.

What is the correlation between complete response and remission? ( Dan believes that if he has a complete response from Chemo/Radiation then he is cured.) I explained compete response (Disease free) is the same as remission for this cancer . (Until the 5 year mark.)

So your professional opinion surgery is not necessary? Why?

Centers of excellence that specialize in Esophageal cancer perform surgery immediately after Chemo/Radiation even if there is a complete response Why?

Why is the standard of treatment according to the ncci ( give me the name)chemo/rads + surgery? What professional organization or protocols do you follow and why?

Why did Dan’s Thoracic surgeon state the prognosis for his stage3 is 15% survival rate 5 years? And also claimed he should have the surgery? ( They both practice at the same center.)
Dan has a blockage from the scar tissue, is it dangerous close to the Aorta? (location of original tumor) Is he a candidate for surgery in your opinion.

He chokes and gags I am afraid he will aspirate what can be done and how soon?

Remember this is Squamous Cell, I am 99% sure they will find he has a complete response at this point. He does'nt understand the reoccurence rate even after a complete response. Because of the scar tissue i am not sure he is a canidate for surgery.

Thank you, the appointment is 2pm MST