My wish...

Good morning all...
I wish for good news and peaceful days this week for anyone going in for tests, treatment, scans or Dr. appointments. All of you will be in my prayers. Nothing on my schedule until Feb 14th when I get my next Rituxan infusion. This next one will mark the half way point in my 2 year maint plan. Best wishes and love to you all!...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)


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    ME TOO !!!!!!!
    I do not have anything coming up,but like you I wish the same for everyone. John(FNHL-4-1A-5/10)
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    Thank You Sue and John
    Hi Sue and John, Thank you for the wish. You're very thoughtful for thinking always of others, may God bless you both today and always.

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    CT Scan
    I want to Thank you Sue, I do my Cat Scan Friday and see the Oncologist on Feb. 10 th.
    So this is my first 6 month wait. We will see. Have been in remission since the Zevalin in O9. So will see what happens. Sometimes you just have a feeling about things. But will wait and see. Hope you are doing well. love Hilde
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    amen to that Sue
    I agree!!!! peaceful days are great! Vinny
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    Thank you Sue
    Dear Sue,

    My, my, how wonderful you are at the half way mark with Rituxan treatmnets. I can't
    believe how fast time goes by. At least in between treatment, you took this valuable
    time to enjoy what life has to offer.

    Thank you for wishing me and others the very best with our scheduled appointments.
    I have an appointment with my oncologist Feb 6. Also, on Feb 13, I will be seeing my
    gastro doctor to schedule an appointment for an endioscopy. My iron levels have always
    been low. As a precaution my internist would like for me to have another endioscopy to
    check for internal bleeding. I had this test years ago, and everything was fine. I had a
    few tests the last few months I had forgotten to mention. Sorry for that. Because a small
    0.6 CM cyst appeared on my left ovary from a prior test, and a mild prominence of the
    pancretic duct 2 mm in diamater. I had a MRI following these developments, and everything
    was fine. Still, this week I am having a transvaginal sono, and pelvis sono. I want all
    the results before I see my oncologist next week.

    I want to mention my husband. My husband was DX with Pancreatic Cancer in May 2002. My
    husband was not feeling so well and having difficulty eating with slight pain in his
    abdomen back in 2001. He had all the necessary tests and everything came back negative.
    Still he was dx a year later with Pancreatic Cancer in May 2002 As you can see, even
    though there might not be a concern for the mild prominence of the pancreatic duct, I
    will ask my oncologist next Monday for a Pet Scan.

    Thank you reading my long post. I just want to update you all on me.

    My love to all, Sue, Liz, Vinnie, and Hilde. Love Maggie
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    Prayers answered
    Thank you, Sue! After scans last week, I got the all clear (NED) yesterday at infusion. Yet, since I am on a non-chemo study drug, my treatment continues. It is thought that the med acts like allergy medication, and suppresses the cancer. I have been promoted to #2 on the list of old-timers on this drug, so it just keeps working in my case. I am down to single monthly treatments, from three per month, so all the news is good.