Appreciate any prayers/good thoughts for Lisa42

Some of you know her from the colon board. She is part of my colon family, and very dear to me. Doctor has said she may only have a few weeks left. She still believes in a miracle. As do I, but for some reason I have given up on the healthy stuff and I know others will pick up on that as I've posted on a thread in the colon board. She is an amazing woman, we have never met, apart from talking on the phone several times, or on skpye once. But she has so much faith and love in her. I will share something with you all, not ashamed too. I took an overdose a month after the filed for divorce wasn't going to but it got too much. Lisa sent me a message when I did this in 2010, the day I got back from hospital saying she was really worried about me, and I was in her thoughts. Not sure how she knew but she did, no one else did. I know we all have to go one day, but why some and not others. Why do nasty people still get to walk this earth and the good suffer. Gone off the main topic, just rambling I apologise. Please would appreciate anything you can send her way. Yours disillusioned and heartbroken


  • Marcia527
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    I believe Lisa has posted here too. I am saddened that she has to go through this. I will miss her voice here. But will have positive thoughts for her and family. Maybe it's not her time after all. Be strong Sonia. I'll have positive thoughts for you too. Hugs.
  • katenorwood
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    prayers for Lisa
    New to most sites here, actually HN posting mostly. My prayers are sent out for Lisa, and yourself. I don't know what to say, for encouragement other then your never ALONE !
    Please remember this.....warmest regards, Katie