One month since surgery

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Hi friends,
It has been a month since dads surgery today.....he is recovering well ...but we started another round of chemo today ....they will be given once every three weeks for 4 times....(4in all) the oncologist said as they have found one node positive along the greater curvature of stomache in post surgery biopsy they are doin as precautionary measure's esophagous was entirely taken out along with 3.5cm of his stomache .... His post surgery cat scan has come out clean....Dad has also started eating semi solid food...

I have been following all your post but I couldn't reply cause I was to occupied with my dad .....he had pains all over after the surgery and one of his secretions tube was just removed a few days back....his body still aches ...he has been very brave fighting., and fight is still on ...chemo was very painful for him last time before operation...let's hope the 3 weeks gap he will get in between chemo will increase his tolerance level.

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5 chemo and 25 radiation before surgery
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    Hi Shammi,
    I'm glad to hear that your dad got a clean scan, and working towards solid foods!! That is great news. Please make sure dad keeps on top of the pain management. It's so very important, both for his healing as well as his mental recovery.
    I also hope that he tolerates chemo better this time. My hubby was also hit very hard by chemo side effects, and it was horrible for him. I have no idea if it gets easier the second time around..... hope so! Although, from what I understand, since he is weaker from his surgery, it may not be much better. However, if he has had a clean scan, this 'mop up' chemo is just one more step to a (hopefully) long and cancer free life.
    Best wishes
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