Another great appointment

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Well the ol man had onco appt yesterday and we got more info on plan of attack for the next three months. Yesterday was last chemo only appt, we will now have about 3-4 week break from chemo then will head to chemo/rads. Dad has only had 240 of the cisplatin so we will continue that and the 5 FU will change from 2 day continuous pump to 5 day pump, and drop the taxotere most likely ( that decision will be made at tumor board). Since beginning chemo he has GAINED 20 lbs! Onco told him he can lighten up on the food intake now ;). Still can't believe ol boy is in clinically complete remission, not many stage IV's get the gift We have gotten!!! Just unbelievable...


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    Great news!
    Those are great things to hear. Gained 20 lbs??? Wow. I'd be happy just to maintain my weight.

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    Praise God! Praying he'll
    Praise God! Praying he'll remain in good health for a long time to come,
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    sandy1943 said:

    Praise God! Praying he'll
    Praise God! Praying he'll remain in good health for a long time to come,

    as a stage 4 myself it's good to hear that some of us do get the rare good news of remission-for however long it does last. My cancer and hospital support staff go out of their way to diminish any hope of remission even tho some of us DO get there.

    as i have been informed by several people in the field-Dr.s are trained to give you the worst possible scenario and to quash any hope. And of course they do this cuz their right most of the time BUT also to protect themselves from giving false hope to patients. If there wrong then no water on their backs.

    the good thing is that remission not only gives us HOPE-it gives us time for new treatments and protocols that MAY extend life much longer...

    best of luck to all in their journeys
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    Blessings are on your family!
    What wonderful news for your father! and your family!

    So glad to hear of a Stage IV remission. Thank you for sharing the news.

    Prayers for continued remission and joyous family times.