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I have a question my Dr is wanting to go to Indy to talk with the Dr up there to see if I would qualify for Clinical Trial for my cancer. I would like to know if anyone has done anything like this. I do not know what to expect if I would have to stay up there and how long and how many time I would have to go back. I am just thinking about trying something different like doing something the Natural way.


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    Clinical trial....
    I was in a clinical trial this past summer...I will tell you that you have to jump through hoops to even meet their criteria...CAT scans PET scans, MRI of the brain....the drug company pays for the drug itself...your insurance has to pay for these tests, if your plan allows it...otherwise the drug company MAY pick up the tab....make sure you know this for a fact before signing on...and speaking of signing on....17 pages of info I had to read and sign...clinical trials are VERY RIGID.....main reason some people refuse to participate....the drugs must be taken on schedule with very little room to wiggle...Mine was a drug called TESETAXEL...a member of the Taxane family..this was in conjunction with Sloan Kettering in was oral, which was a blessing.. Took the first cycle did okay....second cycle, three weeks later they upped the dosage...and it put me down for 10 days....had scans 6 weeks later, again, it didn't work for cancer center is no longer putting people on this...hasn't worked for those of us here at my cancer center....I have been on another oral chemo since late July...Zeloda..this drug has been very kind to me but I had scans in late Nov...they could have been better but could have been worse...trying to get approved by my insurance company to go on Avastin which the FDA pulled for stage IV bc.... A wait and see game....I am triple negative..

    Don't know what you mean by the natural way....I figure that if these poisonious drugs aren't killing the cancer, nothing "natural" is going to....but to each his own.... If I can provide any more info let me know...
    Wishing you the best...
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    Claudia aka Chenheart here is in one. As of yesterday it just may be saving her life. But it isn't a one stop deal. You do have to jump through hoops, hopefully your doc makes this process as simple as possible, and be there all the time. The natural thing has its hazards as well as naturally occurring enzymes and hormones and other stuff are in these things. It is not for the novice.

    I will not tell you what to do, but the desire to find an easy way is not the factor on which to base a decision like this.

    Do your research and all the best to you.