Acid Reflux after Chemo

I just had my first chemo treatment of Taxotere and Cytoxan on Thursday. Yesterday I had some acid reflux and now feels like I have sores in my throat. I have gargled with soda and salt but the irritation is further down than just the back of the throat. Does anyone know how to prevent further acid reflux and lessen the irritation?



  • AngieD
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    Acid reflux
    Kathy, I just picked up my Rxs the oncologist's office had called to the pharmacy for me to have on hand when I start chemo on Tuesday. I will be on Cytoxan and Andriamycin. One of the meds was famotidine (generic Pepcid) with instructions to take one twice daily. The pharmacist said it was prescribed for acid reflux that the chemo could cause. So, maybe you could ask your doc about that. I wouldn't add ANYTHING (vitamins, minerals, and OTC meds) without checking first with the doc, as some can actually interfere or cancel out the effect of the chemo. When my husband was on Oxaliplatin and Xeloda, we had him gargle 3x a day with water with a little salt in it, and he never had any mouth or throat issues. Of course all chemos and all folks taking them are different.
    Hope you get some relief.
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    I used Prilosec and Biotene

    I also did Taxotere/Cytoxan, and along the way developed bad heartburn. I had used OTC Prilosec in the past (before chemo), so my oncologist suggested I take double the dosage, i.e., 2 pills each morning. Worked very well for me. I would NEVER double the recommended dosage of anything without a doctor's okay, so check with your oncologist first, but this ended up being a simple solution for me.

    The sores in your throat might be mouth sores, which I also had. Biotene mouthwash (from the drugstore) worked well for me to keep the sores to just a few here and there. It's very mild and pleasant-tasting, so I used it twice a day religiously all through chemo, whether I had sores or not. I highly recommend it.

    Good luck to you!