Feeling better

Thank you Lisha, Sue, Miss Maggie, Donna, and Jim for sending positive thought my way! I needed them, I was released yesterday evening feel much better but still hacking away lol! Got some very needed antibiotics and now I'm just going to make more appointments with my other Docs for follow up. Next time I won't let it get that far, I'll go to the doc sooner but I'm a procrastinator lol... well I'm gonna rest just like the doc said and take it easy for a couple of days. Thank you all :)



  • allmost60
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    Home sweet home...
    Hi Liz,
    Glad you are home and taking a good antibiotic. Now rest,rest,rest and then rest somemore!! Easier said than done with little ones to take care of, but seriously...try to stay as peaceful as possible and not do too much. Keep us posted sweetie.
    Much love, Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)
  • miss maggie
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    Nothing like home
    Dear Liz,

    What a wonderful surprise seeing you're home so soon. Yes, I agree with Sue. Take it easy
    and leave the unnecessary projects in the house for later.

    Get better soon. Love Maggie