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My sister had debulking ( stage 3c) 6 rounds of Taxol/Cisplatin/avastin IP and IV. Her OVCA was still there. CA 125 was down to 90's at the end of that. She then had IP port removed. IV taxol now for about 4 rounds along with Avastin. CT scan last week I guess shows some Nodules on the lung. A breast biopsy tested positive for OVCA. CA-125 was 47 last time. We will find out results this week from last draw done on Friday. Her options are...1. Take a one month break from chemo. 2. continue with a lower dose of Taxol related to decreased WBC and neuropathy or, 3. start on an entirely new chemo drug. Taking a break is not really an option she will take. What other drugs have you all tried?


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    I had 6 rounds of IV
    I had 6 rounds of IV Carboplatin and Taxol, followed by a year of Taxol only. My CA125 was 4,000 at diagnosis, and my nadir was 4.8. It's now 13, but did not drop into the normal range until my 4th treatment.

    I thought Carbo/Taxol was the gold standard for first line treatment.

    Have you asked her doctor about other drugs?