Thank you Hootiegirl (Kat)

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My ornaments arrived today and I am really touched. The ball is quite elegant and beautiful and I love the white cross with Hope painted on it - can't argue with that. I will post pix this week.

Thanks again, I am not sure how you had time with everything you have going on hope finals were good to you.

BTW, I thought the card was a "hoot" yes, pun intended.



  • VickiSam
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    Jennifer .. a photo would be so
    wonderful.. So happy to hear the joy in your post..

    Vicki Sam
  • HootieGirl
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    So glad the package got to
    So glad the package got to you safe and sound! I have been MIA all Christmas break having some much needed down time, but I am back catching up on everyones posts on here. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!