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My mom is newly diagnosed with ppc stemming from a 2008 diagnonsis of gallbladder cancer. We received this news during a routine scan at MSKCC in New York. No symptoms. No pain. It is a hard pill to swallow since she looks fabulous. After the gallbladder cancer tx, Mom had a partial liver resecction with lymph nodes. We thought that after 3years of negative scans, we were in the clear. God has a different plan.

I have read this board from start to finish over the past couple of weeks and just wanted you all to know that when we went to meet with the Onc last week, I felt empowered with the knowledge I learned here, from treatments to drugs to side effects to support resources. The most important thing I have learned is that everyone's medical experience is different, but we are united in our journey. We go tomorrow for a baseline ct scan to see what has changed since Nov. 14th and do some preliminary blood work before the first round of Cisplatin/Gemcitibine treatments start next week.

I was incredibly saddened to read today about Mum2bella&william's mum. I am the primary caregiver for my mom and know that this is a long road and at times will be extremely difficult. My mom is my inspiration and has remained strong for us as she says she is still the parent and the role model. There may come a day that we will have to pick her up, but for today, she is strong and facing this challenge head on.

Be well.


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    welcome to the board...
    We welcome you to the board that no one wants to have to join. But we are here for each other and glad you have found some help here.I was diagnosed about the same time as Mum2bella&williams mum and I am also so very saddened by her passing. Yes, we all take slightly different paths and it is almost like a maze trying to make it thru this journey. I have been lucky so far. I have been in remission now for 6 months and on a trial of vaccine to prevent reoccurances. Who knows if it works?! I was very sick and in pain for quite a while before being diagnosed and made it back to a normal life right now so perhaps your mom will be able to reverse it quickly if they got it early.
    I am proud of you for taking the initiative to learn about the disease and treatment....not all have someone to help with that. I will keep you and your mom in my prayers and you keep us posted on how she is doing. Hugs.
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    Hello. Welcome to the group. This is one of the best crowds of people. I come here when i feel a little scared. However, i also come on here to tell good news of my mom. Either way, we are always here.
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    Hello. Welcome to the group. This is one of the best crowds of people. I come here when i feel a little scared. However, i also come on here to tell good news of my mom. Either way, we are always here.

    Gallbladder Cancer
    Hi LovingmyMom: I too have gallbladder cancer - the gallbladder, tumour, and part of my liver were removed last April and I've been on chemo since September 2010 (24 treatments in all). I started with cisplatin/gemcitibine but it didn't contribute to any changes in cancerous nodules on the peritoneum. I have been on oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU since March and finished 12 treatments (this was one tough chemo). The treatment gave me stability and some shrinkage. I am now off chemo for awhile waiting a PET scan and exploratory laparoscopic surgery to see if I'm eligible for peritoneum stripping and the HIPEC procedure. Gallbladder cancer is a tough one because it is rare and thus little is known about it. But there are survivors out there - you have to be feisty in dealing with doctors who seem to want to give up as soon as they find out it is gallbladder cancer. They are looking at dated statistics.
    I wish you mom well and that her journey will be successful.
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    Thank you all for your kind
    Thank you all for your kind words. Mom's scan showed no change since Nov 14th. She starts chemotherapy Jan 6th. Said a prayer for her and all of you today. Still trying to make sense of all of this. Peace to you all for this new year!
    Be well.